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I looked

Eyes and Soul, lingering on ‘Time’ 

In the disappearing, abandoned section of a city, under the sunlight with no passers-by, Sung Tae Jung softly grazes the memories of the past like a breeze with his camera lens, an embodied entity. 

Shadow is another vital element in his picture. Shadow is the ‘imprint of futility’ reflecting his subconscious. Inconspicuous objects of no significance, the stuffy and closed angle these objects create, and the shadow all work together to purify one’s mind in the midst of all the frustration, eliminating distracting thoughts, and overwhelms us with fundamental longing. 

Through such structural frame, no matter how dilapidated and invaluable the object may be, the viewer’s emotions permeate the picture, empathizing with the photographer. With a unique perspective, Sung Tae Jung captures scenery that nobody pays attention to in everyday life and redirects our attention to objects that were neglected and forgotten. He makes us question whether these objects have always been worthless as they are now considered to be, and changes our perspectives on the value of the times that have passed as we drove in a car without brakes. 


Choi, Hyo Joon 

Director of Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA)

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