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Jung Sungtae graduated from Photography and Video, General graduate school, Kyung-il University, and finished the doctorate coursework from the same university in 2017.
He had 12 individual exhibitions such an exhibition 'Breath in Chernobyl' at Ukraine Shcherbenko Art Centre and Seoul Namu Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery in 2016, ‘Life of deportation and settlement: Koryo-saram’ at KF Gallery, at Shcherbenko Art Centre in Ukraine Kyiv and at Artsvit Gallery in Ukraine Dnipro.
His photo works he paid attention from 2013 were evaluated as new experiment that searches motive from humans' dark history and expresses internal image of artist. Photo works ‘Koryo- saram(Етнічний кореєць) in Ukraine’ presented in 2016 April with pictures of Ukraine 'Chernobyl' were also located on this extension line.
His collections are at Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine, Shcherbenko art centre in Kyiv, La Capitale Galerie in Pari, Ukraine Culture and Art Council in Seoul, Sungkonghoe University in Seoul, Art Museum Artsvit in Dnipro, Russian Photography Museum in Russia and publications are ‘Chernobyl’, ‘Picturesque Ankor’, ‘The Dark Side of the Light’, ‘Me and My Shadow’ in Korea and ‘Breath in Chernobyl’, ‘Koryo-saram’ in Ukraine.

He’s currently an Artistic Director at the Korea and Ukraine Contemporary Art Exhibition (KUCA2020) and is participating in an Artist Residency Program in Daegu Metropolitan Market Art Project. He is also a member of the Daegu Contemporary Artists Association and is working at the Member of Korea Society of Basic Design & Art and Society Of Modern Photography & Video.

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