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Lives and works in the Republic of Korea 



2017  Completed doctoral course in Photography and Video, Kyungil University, Korea

2015  MFA in Photography and Video, Kyungil University, Korea
2003  Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea 


Solo Exhibitions

2018  Chernobyl: Uncontrolled Homesickness, space B, Daegu, Korea

2018  Life of Deportation and Settlement, Suseong Artpia, Daegu, Korea

2018  Me and My Shadow-2018 Daegu Photo Biennale, Gallery Soo, Daegu, Korea

2017  Koryo-saram left in Ukraine, Art Museum of Artsvit, Dnipro, Ukraine

2017  Koryo-saram: Eтнічний Кореєць, Shcherbenko Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016  Chernobyl, Namu modern and contemporary art gallery, Seoul
2016  Breath in Chernobyl, Shcherbenko Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012  Dark Reflections, Gallery Soo
2010  Going Home, Space Gachang
2009  One day's Light, KBS Daegu
2007  Face Typology, Alternative space Ssac
2006  Picturesque Angkor, Alternative space Space129

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021  Daegu Photo Biennale, 'EncounterⅥ', Dongdaegu Station Square, Daegu, Korea

2020  Korea-Ukraine Contemporary Photo Exhibition: KREAtive Perspective, KF gallery, Seoul, Korea

2020  J Collections, Art space J, Bundang, Gyeonggi, Korea  

2019  Daegu Photo Biennale in BERLIN, 'Morph O', Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin, Germany

2019  The 8th Dali International Photography Exhibition, “Incomplete Settlement,” Dali, China

2019  The Memory of Space, Kimchungup Architecture Museum, Anyang, Korea

2019  Life of Deportation and Settlement, 'Koryo-saram, Samosely and abandoned places', Andong Culture & Art Center
2019  What will I do with the photography, Busan International Photo Festival, Busan, Korea

2018  Life of Deportation and Settlement, Cheongsong Yasong Art Museum, Korea

2018  Me and My Shadow-Gachang Art Studio Space Project, Beomeo Art Street Space 1

2017  Hexagon-Beyond the border, Chosun University College of Fine Arts, Art Museum CUMA

2017  Life of Deportation and Settlement, 'Koryo-saram, Samosely and abandoned places in Ukraine', KF Gallery

2016  The reconstruction of reality, Smiling Arts Center

2016  Bongsan Art Road, Leesangsook Gallery

2016  Katowice International Invitational Exhibition, Galeia Teatru Korez, Katowice, Poland  

2016  My vintage props, Seokju Studio
2016  A special project ‘Cheongchuleoram’ , Gallery H
2015  Arts-stand in the city, Daegu Culture and Arts Center
2015  Resonance, Gallery Lucida, Jinju
2015  From Ayang railroads to Dongchon,  Ayang Art Center
2015  Chilly Scenes of Winter, space129
2014  Reading the Landscape, Gallery Illum&Bongsan Cultural Center, Seoul
2014  Blind Spot, Gallery CU
2014  Open mind, an Open Market, Bongsan Cultural Center
2014  Sansu, Gallery Soo
2014  Daegu Contemporary Arts 2014, Daegu Culture and Arts Center
2014  Contemporary Arts, Gallery Suseong
2013  The Creative Space Filled with Art, Daegu Culture and Arts Center
2013  The Picturesque Photography, Bongsan Cultural Center
2012  Arts storm, Beomeo Art Street
2012  Contemporary Photograph Five Member Exhibition, space gachang
2012  Korea-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition2012, Donggu Arts center
2012  I looked, Jeongdong Gallery, Seoul
2012  The 5th Vision & Reflection 2012, Art Museum KNU
2011  Emotional landscape, Bongsan Cultural Center 
2011  Landscape of Contemporary Photography, space gachang
2011  Debec Art Project, Debec main Store
2010  Disappearing Borders, Goto Gallery
2010  Beyond 6171 Exhibition, space gachang
2010  Fast, Slow, Unmoving - Art Show, Daegu Transit 1Line: Jungangno Station
2010  Two Photo Artist Invitation Exhibition, Daegu Citizen Center
2009  Four Artist Exhibition-Square“Performance-Acts”, Gallery Doyo
2008  Ten Young Photo Artist Invitation Exhibition, Yechong Gallery, Seoul. etc.

Art Fair

2018  Кореяда2018, Kherson Regional Theatre, Kherson, Ukraine

2017  Buy Artist's Room-Artist Art Fair, Shinsegae department store, Daegu, Korea

2017  Overseas Korean special exhibition, Seoul Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea

2017  Кореяда2017, Ukrainian House, KyivUkraine

2014  Hotel Art Fair in Daegu, Saint Western Hotel
2013  Seoul Photo2013, COEX Hall B, Seoul, Korea
2012  Hotel Art Fair in Daegu 2012, Novotel Ambassadors Hotel
2012  Gyeongnam International Art Fair, GIAF
2011  Hotel Art Fair in Daegu 2011, Novotel Ambassadors Hotel
2011  8th Edition Du Salon De L'art Accessible, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris, France

Award & Career

2021  Selected as editor of the newsletter of Suseong-gu Office in Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea

2020  Cooperated as Korea Foundation(KF) International Exchange Exhibition, Seoul, Korea.

2020  Artistic Director of Dongsung Market Cultural Art Space, Daegu, Korea

2019  Onbit Photography Award Winner, Onbit Documentary, Seoul, Korea

2019  Selected as a Special Exhibition of 'Morph O' in Berlin, Daegu Photo Biennale, Berlin, Germany

2019  Portfolio Reviewer from Odessa Photo Days, Odessa, Ukraine
2019  Selected as an Artist Residency Program by Daegu Dongsung Market Art Project, Korea

2018  Selected as 'Excellent Portfolio Review' by the 2018 Daegu Photo Biennale, Korea

2018  Certificate of Appreciation, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine, Ukraine

2018  Appreciation Plaque, Governor of Cheongsong-gun, Cheongsong, Korea

2018  Exhibition Curator of Korea and Ukraine Contemporary Art Exhibition(KUCA), Kyiv, Ukraine

2017  Appreciation Plaque, Dnipro City Council, Ukraine

2017  Selected as Korea Foundation(KF) International Exchange Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

2014  Exhibition Coordinator of Daegu Photo Biennale, Daegu, Korea
2013  Appointed as Young Artist of Daegu by The Art of Daegu, Korea
2010  Accepted at the Contest for Portfolio by the Daegu Citizens Center, Korea
2008  Young Photo Artist Award, Seoul, Korea. etc.


2018  Me and My Shadow, Corners, Seoul, Korea

2017  Koryo-saram, Dnipro, Ukraine

2017  Koryo-saram: Eтнічний Кореєць, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016  Chernobyl, Noonbit, Korea
2016  Breath in Chernobyl, Kyi
v, Ukraine
2009  The Dark Side of the Light, Purunsesang, Korea
2006  Picturesque Angkor, Purunsesang, Korea


Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine, Kyiv
Shcherbenko art centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

La Capitale Galerie, Paris, France 

Namu modern & contemporary art gallery, Seoul, Korea

Ukraine Culture and Art Council, Seoul, Korea

Sungkonghoe University, Seoul, Korea 

Art Museum of Aptcвит, Dnipro, Ukraine

Russian Photography Museum in Russia. 

Art Space J, Bundang, Korea. etc. 

Teaching Experience

Department of Photography and Video, Kyungil University, Gyeongsan, Korea

Department of Tourism Landscape Architecture, Kyungju University, Gyeongju, Korea

Gyeongnam National University of Science Technology, Jinju, Korea

Graduate School of Urban Studies, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. etc.



Academic Activities

Member of 'KSBDA' Korea Society of Basic Design & Art, Korea

Member of the Society Of Modern Photography & Video, Korea

Member of the Society Of Korean Photography, Korea

Member of Korea Planning Association, Korea

Director of Daegu Contemporary Artists Association, Korea

Director of Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture, Korea

Executive Director of Korean Institute of Traditional Landscape Architecture, Korea. etc.

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