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Emotional Landscape

A search for identity

Sungtae Jung’s shadow begins from his self reflection.
The shadow he catches is ‘day light shadow’. As an adequate explanation for his photos, it is not simply an illusion that is plane and one colored, but it is an image that is based on the real substance . 

His dark reflection’s presence, that is an image based on the real substance that contains self ego. Therefore, his pictures are formed as sequence that is captured along the time flow. Like movies, one story begins and end as an independent constituent unit, his pictures present few scenes and specific time recorded pictures through time continuity. 

Artist Sungtae Jung’s Photos may be a transitory metaphor that is about human’s life and elements of photo. His photos are not shadows that disappears when lights are gone, but through the process of making the shadow objective object, his dark reflection and ego reconciliates. So therefore, ego equals to the dark reflection. In this way his photos are poetry of image that throw the ego into the shadow and contemplates visual relationship. 


Kim, Ok Real 

Director of Contemporary Art Institute in Korea Art space Purl 

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