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Youngsil Sohn

The photos by Sungtae Jung have the threnody for "Chernobyl nuclear

Since the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Pripyat—once a future city
everyone dreamed—has been more and more declining and impoverishing,
strangled by the demon of dystopia.
The ever-transforming vestiges all over the city, photo background with
no-human traces still tell us the day vividly.
In the meantime, the spaces—scattered with menacing elements neither
unseen nor camera- uncaptured—return to non-place in the primitive prior
to the space of existence he looked at, by repeated division and
His photos have shaken it silence as a dedicatory gift & reveille for our
memory of Chernobyl.

Youngsil Sohn
Assistant professor, Kyungil University, Republic of Korea

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