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Artist Jung's  “One Day's Light” 

The Aesthetic Harmony of the Revelation and Concealment of Light

Artist Sungtae Jung's "One Day's Light" is a collection of pictures taken from different spots for one day and leaves us messages on cities & human beings and nature & human beings.


Darkness comes from light that separates shapes from backgrounds. His approach to photography in Guncheon is documentary. He contrasts light and shadow to clear revelation of shapes and backgrounds for warning us of the reality and environment of this small city Guncheon and appealing to us to be aware of the deserted & alienated in the faintly dim light and finally of the vanity of human desire. That is, his photos whose motive is light and shadow illuminate our contemporaries' living and criticize the side effects of our material civilization. 


He considers the relationship of light and shadow as harmony and coexistence, not as opposition and hostility. Sometimes he emphasizes the light of vitality and intensity holds the shape of deep shadow that it has made and at other times observes what atmosphere the light and shadow of overcast skies create. He struggles to collect a scrap of light and even hidden light for criticizing our realities and praising God's nature.


I was reminded of the saying "Anybody can see the world but few look at it." Our thinking and feeling change as light does with the passage of time. Now I wonder where he will anchor to finish 'One Day's Light' as an artist who enjoy following light's play over the boundary between light and shadow.

Yoon Kookheon,

Photographer, Professor

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